AREOLA bra is strapless, backless, wireless with reusable and flexible support.

AREOLA is for all shapes and sizes

  • Size chart

    A,B,C,D cup sizes. The Areola bra size is designed according to the European and Amerixan cups. The size is larger than the Asian Cup. it covers the chest comperhensively and does not squeeze the chest. The size is suitable for all kinds of chests.

  • How to use

    cleanse and dry your breasts to make it a smooth start. No lotion needed.Collect the plastic film from the bra and place it back in the bag. You'll need it again. The cup size letter will Face upward when you place it on. Cover your bases by placing the round circles in each cup where your nipples will be. Cup the bra in your hand and press firmly from the outer edges inward. Want extra cleavage? Place your nipples towards the thicker, inner part of the cup. Remember only the cheetah and sexy areola bras are meant to be a Push-up bra. Classic Areola bra does not push-up your breast.Top it off with the style that makes you, you. You’ve always got our support.Close out your cup time by peeling it off and placing the plastic film back on it.

  • Care instructions

    This strapless bra can be reusable for many times with good maintain. Only need to simply wet the adhesive surface with warm water and mild detergent and then air to dry it. It will still keep the adhesive gels for your next time using.